Patient Testimonials

Patient Name: Donald Ryan
Professional Status: Retired Physician
City: La Jolla, CA
I have had three open operations for Dupuytren’s contractures of the hand. Recently a recurrence led me to investigate Needle Aponeurotomy. This led me to Dr. Ross Nathan at The Hand & Wrist Center. Dr. Nathan determined that I was a suitable candidate and performed the procedure on four digits with excellent results. The procedure requires judgment and dexterity. Dr. Nathan’s excellence and experience to me as a patient and medical doctor with 40 years of experience were obvious. I highly recommend Dr. Ross Nathan and his staff at The Hand & Wrist Center. All are professional and friendly.

Patient Name: Brenda Moore
Professional Status: Retired
City: Long Beach, CA
I was very impressed. I had no bleeding and was able to garden two days after the procedure. Before the surgery, I was having trouble holding things and now I am back to normal. I would highly recommend this procedure.

Patient Name: Patricia Frangente
Professional Status: Not listed
City: Huntington Beach, CA
I have had two procedures for Dupuytren’s syndrome by Dr. Nathan, the latest being the Needle Aponeurotomy. Dr. Nathan approaches his work with confidence and enthusiasm. He explains in great detail what he is going to do and what to expect. I was very pleased with the results. The patient is in “good hands” with Dr. Nathan.

Patient Name: Douglas Alley
Professional Status: Not listed
City: Long Beach, CA
I highly recommend Needle Aponeurotomy if you are a good candidate. It’s less time in recovery than surgery and less expensive than some injections. At one week, I have almost a straight finger with little discomfort. Dr. Nathan did a good job!

Patient Name: John Sperry
Professional Status: Retired
City: Huntington Beach, CA
Since I had the procedure, I have recovered practically 100% of my range of motion and the dexterity in my two affected fingers. I still feel a little tightness in the skin of the palm below the fingers, when I flatten my hand, as expected. However, the skin seems to be stretching back into its normal condition. I am quite satisfied with my results at this stage.

Patient Name: Allen B. Locke
Professional Status: Retired
City: Palm Springs, CA
Wow! I wish Needle Aponeurotomy became known to me prior to my prior three (open) hand surgeries. What a treatment – one hour; no pain; no lengthy recovery – just great results! Dr. Nathan is upbeat and he fully explains the procedure and its benefits and risks. His staff is great! I am very pleased with Needle Aponeurotomy and my results.

Patient Name: Ken Rakusin
Professional Status: Manufacturing Company CEO
City: Commerce, CA
Unbelievable! I played two hours of basketball one week after my procedure. The only thing I am “sorry” about is not having the procedure performed sooner.

Patient Name: Glen Garrett
Professional Status: Retired
City: Palos Verdes Estates, CA
A good experience. The procedure was thoroughly explained prior to its execution. The results were beyond my expectation. Recovery was rapid and easy to manage!

Patient Name: Ronald Haaksma
Professional Status: Retired
City: Tucson, AZ
Dr. Nathan began by explaining Dupuytren’s Contracture in detail along with all of the treatments available. The “Needle” procedure itself took no more than 20 minutes. Following the procedure, I was able to hyper-extend my finger immediately. I experienced tenderness for only about one week. Dr. Nathan was available by telephone after the procedure to answer some additional questions. His entire staff was courteous, kind, and helpful both before and after the procedure. It was definitely worth the trip from Tucson. Many thanks!

Patient Name: Doug Mattocks
Professional Status: Entertainer/Musician
City: Fullerton, CA
I saw my first hand doctor in June 2007 for my right little finger. At that time, my finger was at a 35 degree contracture. The doctor said I needed surgery. I play guitar and banjo for a living so surgery was not an option. In June 2009, I was getting nodules in my left little finger and now my right little finger contracture measured 75 degrees, so I knew I was in trouble. I saw a second hand doctor in November 2009 and, again, the only option was surgery. By the time I saw Dr. Nathan, my right little finger contracture measured 90 degrees. Twenty minutes after Dr. Nathan performed Needle Aponeurotomy, my little finger contracture measured 35 degrees again! Needle Aponeurotomy is a better option than surgery and it was almost totally painless. Now my right hand looks and performs normally after one week. Thank you Dr. Nathan!

Patient Name: John Seebart
Professional Status: Retired
City: Redondo Beach, CA
The results from my Needle Aponeurotomy for Dupuytren’s contractures in two areas of my left hand are nothing short of “miraculous.” I’ve had two previous successful Dupuytren’s surgeries, which involved substantial recovery time and lots of physical therapy; time consuming as well. With this procedure, I was able to drive myself home and use my hand right away. There is no question, this is the best choice even if the condition recurs; the cost and down time are so low!

Patient Name: Audry Yingling
Professional Status: Retired
City: Los Alamitos, CA
A fully-functioning right hand in just days! I can now grasp containers, handles, and tools with no pain or discomfort. I resumed gardening, cooking, and hobbies immediately. I wish I had found “Aponeurotomy” and Dr. Nathan ten years ago. I’m a happy camper!

Patient Name: Colin Moorhouse
Professional Status: Composite Tool Builder/Laser Technician
City: Buena Park, CA
Before Needle Aponeurotomy, my ring finger was bent at 90 degrees, and now after the procedure, my finger is opens to 45 degrees – a big change! The procedure was about an hour long with only little pain. I was able to drive myself home after. What a “great procedure!”

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